Guide to Nursing Roles and Employment Opportunities in Nursing

Injured nurses want to be assisted to remain in the nursing profession where it is identified they are unable to return to their pre-injury role and/or clinical role due to the ongoing effects of their injury and/or illness.

They experience a loss of identity when they are advised they can no longer undertake their pre-injury role which, for them, is equated with not being able to nurse.

Injured/ill nurses require support and assistance to take charge and be in control of their careers. Many injured/ill nurses, who cannot return to their clinical role, question:

  • How can I plan and/or continue a career in nursing?
  • How can I be assisted/assist myself to remain in the nursing profession?
  • How can I remain employable?
  • What employment opportunities are there in the nursing profession?

The Guide to Nursing Roles and Employment Opportunities in Nursing for Injured and/or Ill Nurses in Victoria aims to assist nurses in answering the above questions.

It is not an exhaustive guide to nursing roles and employment opportunities, and it is important further research is undertaken, and this tool utilised for identifying where an injured / ill nurses wants to go with their nursing career.

Download guide (600kb)