Medical Practitioners

Medical practitioners have a primary role in the treatment and rehabilitation of injured nurses.

Roles & Responsibilities

The Overview of Roles and Responsibilities of key stakeholders in RTW provides information for the key stakeholders on their roles and responsibilities in RTW i.e. injured nurse, their employer, their medical practitioner, the RTW Coordinator and agent.

The medical practitioner’s responsibilities include:

  • providing diagnosis, primary medical care and coordination of medical treatment (including referral to and coordination of specialist care as appropriate)
  • completing workers compensation medical certificates
  • monitoring, reviewing and advising on the injured nurse’s condition and treatment
  • specifying work restrictions and advising on suitability of duties to be offered by the employer
  • participating in the development of the Rehabilitation Management Plan.

Resources have been developed, which are designed to:

  • improve communication with injured/ill nurses on the medical management of their claim
  • improve communication with Return to Work Coordinators
  • improve return to work outcomes for injured and/or ill nurses
  • improve medical practitioner’s understanding of their roles and responsibilities in return to work
  • lessen the amount of paperwork received by medical practitioners.

Download overview (36kb)

Available Resources

Medical Practitioners Guideline

Currently in your role you are required to complete workers compensation medical certificates for workers with work related injury/illness. Research indicates that the information provided in the workers compensation medical certificate is limiting, with medical practitioners receiving requests for further information regarding the work related injury/illness. An addendum to the medical certificate has been developed to address this.

Guidelines have been developed to assist medical practitioners in completing the addendum to the Workers Compensation Medical Certificate.

Download guidelines (48kb)

Download draft addendum (32kb)

The following resources are also available for medical practitioners: