Returning to your original position after an injury or illness

Guidance and practical tools have been developed to assist health and aged care facilities to identify suitable RTW duties for injured/ill nurses that:

  • Are meaningful and enable them to utilise their skills, knowledge and experience
  • Enable nurses to remain in a clinical/nursing role wherever possible
  • Promote sustainable RTW outcomes

The tools will assist Return to Work Coordinators and others involved in nurses' RTW to perform their role more effectively, dealing with what has traditionally been a most challenging area.

The guidance and tools promote active participation, ownership and buy-in by nurses and their managers in the RTW process, tailoring individual needs to the local ward/facility level.

Ask your RTW Coordinator if they have seen this document, and if so ask the RTW Coordinator how this Guide could assist in identifying RTW Duties in your workplace.

Download guide (988kb)