Career planning

Injured/ill nurses require support and assistance to take charge and be in control of their careers.

Many injured/ill nurses, who cannot return to their clinical role, question:

  • How can I plan and/or continue a career in nursing?
  • How can I be assisted/assist myself to remain in the nursing profession?
  • How can I remain employable?
  • What employment opportunities are there in the nursing profession?

A guide has been developed aiming to assist you in answering the above questions.

This is not an exhaustive guide to nursing roles and employment opportunities in nursing, and it is important you undertake your own research and utilise this as a tool for identifying where you want to go with your nursing career.

Download guide (600kb)

Career planning for injured and/or ill nurses

What is Career Planning?

“Career Planning is a ‘continuous process of self assessment and goal setting’…which…helps nurses adapt to change in their own development, in the profession and in the environment in which they live and practice” (ICN, 2001:6).

As an injured and/or ill nurse you may have to assess your career path due to your injury and/or illness to determine how you can continue with your identified career path. It may not mean a major change in the direction of your career it could be as simple as learning a new skill (NANB, 2001).

The skills you apply on a day to day basis in your nursing roles such as assessing, planning and development of care management plans for patients are transferable skills you can apply to yourself in planning your career (ICN, 2001). Career planning is not a one off event, it is a continually evolving process which assists you in achieving your professional and personal goals.

Why is career planning important?

Career planning is important as it assists in identifying the direction of your career and helps you answer the following questions:

  • Where have I been?
  • Where am I going?
  • Where would I like to go?
  • How will I get there? (ICN, 2001:7).

How can I plan my career?

To assist you in determining how you can plan your career four phases of the Career Planning and Development Model have been utilised and are outlined below (ICN, 2001; McGillis Hall et al, 2004).