Internal Vocational Rehabilitation sample policy and procedures, and assessment report

The Rehabilitation Model of Care for Injured and/or Ill Nurses promotes RTW. Research indicates a work centred approach to recovery from injury and/or illness is a factor for successful return to work.

The primary objective is retaining nurses in their pre-injury nursing role. It is acknowledged however there are circumstances where injured and/or ill nurses will never be able to return to work in their pre-injury role and that this should be identified early.

Internal vocational rehabilitation has been identified as an approach which could be implemented when it is identified that an injured and / or ill nurse cannot return to their pre-injury role.

Internal vocational rehabilitation is where an employer makes a commitment to supporting and assisting injured workers to remain with their pre-injury employer in a new role.

To be effective, it requires agreement between key stakeholders (medical practitioner, employer and injured and/or ill nurse (with support from their union)) that alternative nursing employment opportunities should be identified. Career counselling is utilised to identify career opportunities aligned with the medical restrictions. The employer needs to be committed to assisting and supporting training and practical development for this new role. The employer may create a new permanent role, and/or provide the opportunity for a limited period to assist in gaining practical development in a new and/or existing vacant role before advertising the role.

Vocational rehabilitation in this context is not about solely determining if an injured nurse is employable but about assisting injured nurses remain within the nursing profession.

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The following documents are included in the case study and support the application of Internal Vocational Rehabilitation:

Sample Internal Vocational Rehabilitation Policy and Process (52kb)

Sample Guidance for Occupational Rehabilitation Providers and Internal Vocational Rehabilitation Assessment Report (80kb)

Sample Internal Vocational Rehabilitation Plan (28kb)