About the Nurses Return to Work in Hospitals Project

The ANF (Vic Branch) undertook a major RTW project for three years, through funding received from the WorkSafe Victoria RTW Fund. The ANF (Vic Branch) is joined in the project by the:

  • Victorian Hospitals’ Industrial Association, representing employers in public and private health care facilities
  • Injured Nurses Support Group, representing injured and ill nurses
  • Dr Helen Sutcliffe, providing additional experience of injured and ill nurses.

Injured and ill nurses who want to return to their profession are often prevented due to poor rehabilitation and return to work practices.

The aims of the project in the hospital sector were to:

  1. identify barriers to and factors for successful return to work
  2. promote early and proactive return to work
  3. achieve meaningful, productive, safe and durable return to work
  4. identify strategies to support long-term injured nurses
  5. promote a holistic approach to rehabilitation and return to work.

The project's objective was to assist the hospital sector to:

  1. improve rehabilitation and return to work outcomes
  2. reduce the human and financial costs of injury and illness
  3. reduce the loss of skilled nurses and the associated costs of nurse shortages, recruitment and training
  4. promote recruitment and retention.

Download the final report on the RTW Project (260kb).